The popularity of temporary car insurance

Are there too many cars on the road? Back in the 1950s we were building new roads which were designed to take traffic away from city centres but since then the numbers of cars in Britain have increased by a factor of 15; it appears that the road system will never be big enough because the more roads we have, the more cars we seem to buy, a variant of Murphy's Law.

There are only two things that keep the numbers of cars down; that is taxation, in the form of road tax and tax/duty on petrol; and the spiralling cost of car insurance. Insurance premiums have increased by almost 40% over the last year alone, and have reached the level at which an awful lot of people are seriously scratching their heads and wondering whether or not they can afford to continue motoring.

One possible way out of the dilemma of spiralling costs is to only use the car on occasions when it is absolutely necessary. This is not really been possible in the past as far as insurance is concerned, because the insurers have made it mandatory to buy cover for a full year. Thanks to the Internet this has now changed, and now temporary car insurance (details from is a very popular online product. alternatively emergency car insurance can be bought at very short notice from

The joy of temporary car insurance is that it is so quick and easy to setup. If you need to drive a car today, and you are not insured for it, you can go online and within 5 min you can have cover, whether it is the absolute legal minimum (third-party) or fully comprehensive, and you even have the choice of adding European cover or roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Premiums are highly affordable, and competition amongst insurers for the business is increasing slowly but surely. There endeth the advert.

If more people used temporary car insurance as and when they really needed to drive we would as a nation be healthier; there would be less traffic congestion; and less would have to be paid out in insurance premiums.

Incidentally: one thing that many people seem to be unaware of where car insurance is concerned, is that there exists in English law an offence of permitting a car to be driven without insurance. This means that if you were unfortunate enough to lend your car to someone who, either knowingly or not, subsequently drives it without insurance cover you could find yourself liable to a criminal conviction, along with fines and penalty points on your driving licence. Pointing the person who borrows your car towards temporary car insurance would be an excellent way of avoiding this danger.

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